Restriction Breeds Creativity

Andrew is a student currently in his fourth year of study at the University of Lethbridge for his Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media. Andrew intends to graduate spring of 2018. Andrew has a background in sculpture, 3D modeling, game design & development and digital fabrication. Through the variety of classes required for his degree, Andrew has expressed an interest in warping perceptions through his work. He has had multiple works featured at the Dr. Foster James Penny building for various student events including Petulant Pixels and Digital Blitz. He has also participated in the Global Game Jam 2017 doing a majority of the modeling for various game assets and creatures.  

Cosplay is a passion of Andrews that flushed with a growing interest in art and fabrication. Cosplay allows Andrew to walk away from the digital medium and work using more traditional art principles. Video and analog games alike have developed him to be who he is as an artist. They have been an inspiration throughout my whole life, through fantastic worlds and horrifying creatures. Andrew’s intentions as a new media artist is to give back to the gaming community as it has given to him his whole life. Andrew intends to work in the industry for a few years, but eventually has desire to return to school to further his education.